I wrote the first edition of OpenFOAM book around 5 years ago in Persian. The book was based on OpenFOAM-1.6. The aim of that book was to shorten the process of OpenFOAM learning. It was 5 chapters that included some simple and introductory examples. It covered different parts of OpenFOAM utilities, solvers and programming.

3 years ago, second edition was published. It was 10 chapters. It could not be released without the cooperation of my colleagues. The training was based on OpenFOAM-2.2.0 and covered more complex and challenging CFD problems besides previous simple examples. It was included tutorials for simulation of free surface, combustion and turbo machinery.
The first two editions was interesting for readers and I received warm comments which aspired me to continue this collection. Thus, the third edition will be published very soon (within next month). It is based on OpenFOAM-3.0.1 and compatible with OpenFOAM-4. In new edition, 2 following chapters are added:

  1. Wind flow simulation around simple building blocks
  2. Eulerian-Lagrangian simulation of particle flow in cyclone Numerical Simulation of Heat transfer and Fluid Flow using OpenFOAM

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