If you are seeking an online training course for OpenFOAM, I invite you to join my YouTube channel. I have uploaded a series of step-by-step videos that demonstrate how to conduct numerical simulations using OpenFOAM.

To access my channel, simply click here.


The initial videos cover fundamental topics such as the installation process for OpenFOAM and swak4Foam. They also delve into the structure of OpenFOAM itself, as well as the organizational structure of test cases within the framework. You’ll even find a comprehensive guide on performing your first simulation in OpenFOAM and tackling turbulence flow simulations.

Rest assured, I am continually expanding the range of topics covered in these videos. While the current content is presented in Persian, I will soon be recording new videos in English, making it even more accessible to a wider audience.

Take pleasure in this invaluable opportunity to learn OpenFOAM at no cost. Join me on this journey of free education and enhance your proficiency in computational fluid dynamics.


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