The own OpenFOAM post-processing tools are : postProcess and foamCalc. However, funkyDoCalc is a hell of tools. It makes life easier.  If you missed run-time processing by an accident, and you don’t like to redo the simulations you may still can derive some results from saved data in time directories.

funkyDoCalc is one of utilities accompanied with the package swak4Foam. In order o see how to install swak4Foam please check on my video on youtube or see the swak4Foam wiki.  For post processing data using the tool, execute the command as:

mpirun -np 6 funkyDoCalc funkyDoCalcDict -parallel -time 0:1 > log

where mpirun is for running the tool in parallel.  For run in serial the command looks like as:

funkyDoCalc funkyDoCalcDict -time 0:1 > log

The command needs an entry -time. It determines the selected time range which command executes and derives the result,  e.g: -time 10  means the command returns result from data kept in time directory 10. But for -time 0:10, it extracts result from all time directories between 0 to 10.

The funkyDoCalcDict is a dictionary file contains several expressions for post-processing. An example of expression in the dictionary is give as:

Ek {
valueType internalField;
variables "rho1=998;";
expression "sum(rho1*(U&U)*vol()*(C+1.0)/2)/2.0";
accumulations (

The expression calculates the kinetic energy. The original case is simulated with solver phaseFieldFoam . Download the whole dictionary from here.

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