As a part of my Ph.D thesis, i extended an OpenFOAM solver interFoam to consider mass transfer due to boiling and condensation, new solver is called phaseChangeHeatFoam. It is available in git,now. it can be download and compiled with following commands in Linux terminal.

git clone
cd phaseChangeHeatFoam/Application/
chmod +x All*

The zip file can be download from here.

Some features of this solver are shown in the following examples, extra information about each case is available in references:

Stephan problem

It is one-dimensional problem to validate mass transfer source terms in interface transport and energy equation.

Stefan Problem

Film condensation over horizontal plate

It is another one dimensional problem, it is also have analytical solution. The difference between this and Stephan problem is that it considers gravity.

film condensation on horizontal plate

Film boiling

It is a two dimensional simulation.  There are experimental correlations to compare numerical results with.

Film boiling on horizontal plate

Film condensation on  vertical plate

It is a two dimensional simulation. There is analytical solution for laminar flow with some simplification.

laminar film condensation on vertical plate



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