For numerical simulation of wave body interaction, several solvers are developed in OpenFOAM such as:

  • olaFoam (or olaFlow)
  • wave2Foam

Those solvers are developed based on OpenFOAM solver interFoam which is a VoF solver. In this post, I will discuss olaFoam

Wave type

user can choose among different wave types from constant/waveDict. following wave types are presented in the solver:

  • regular
  • solitary
  • irregular
  • wavemaker

where regular following theories are available:

  • StokesI
  • StokesII
  • StokesIII
  • StokesV
  • cnoidal
  • streamFunction

Fixed or moving body

If the body is not fixed, then it is moving due to waves. For the simulation of body motion, the 6DOF (degree of freedom) library is needed. It is available in olaDyMFoam.  The body’s behavior is defined based on restraints and constraints. The constraint is banning the freedom of motion in translation or rotation, while retrains such as spring and the damper is just limiting the motion. In other words, retrains are interaction forces. They are a function of body motion and velocity.

Moving body simulation

In the present demo, the body wave interaction is simulated with olaDyMFoam. The wave type is second stokes and the body is allowed to oscillate along the vertical direction. The gird is created with blockMesh. The result is shown in Figure1



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