Numerical Simulation Using OpenFOAM (Edition 3)

Finally, the third edition of my book on numerical simulation using OpenFOAM is available for Persian users in  book stores.

Numerical Simulation of Heat transfer and Fluid Flow using OpenFOAM

This book contains two parts, the first 6 chapters include essential training such as:

  • create simple geometries using blockMesh
  • import mesh from third party (ie: gambit)
  • create mesh around STL files with snappyHexMesh
  • deal with multiple regions with topoSet
  •   export numerical results with paraview including plot data, plot contour, create movie and etc
  • introduce boundary conditions and apply non-uniform initial condition with  setFields, funkySetFields and groovyBC
  • setup turbulence models, MRF properties and heat transfer
  • monitor numerical residuals, plot residuals and setup fvSolution and fvScheme and so on

part second contains several special issues on different CFD fields such as:

  • free surface ( flow over spillway)
  • combustion ( non-mixed and pre-mixed combustion in chamber)
  • Eulerian-Lagrangian simulation (particle flow in cyclone)
  • wind simulation over buildings

CD contents

The contents of CD can be download from following links:

  • download customized Ubuntu 14.04LTS which contains OpenFOAM-3.0.1.
  • download book examples


In order to buy  the printed version of book, call this number  from 10 AM to 14 PM on  Saturday to  Wednesday.

Andishesara publication phone number: +982166966925

for more information read this post from my weblog.

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